Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Getting to Know Me: An Intro Post

I know, I know!  It's towards the end of January and an intro should probably be done at the beginning of the month, but I thought now would be an okay time too.

1.       My name is Morgan.  It’s a welsh name.  The female version of it pretty much means “Sea fairy or goddess”  It’s also connected in Irish folklore to the shapeshifting and multifaced goddess of strife known by the name Morrigan.  Then, there is the King Arthur stuff too.  It’s a fun name. 
2.       I love Instagram!  I have a few accounts.  My main one is @morganc324 and my bookstagram account is @onceuponatimeinhaz
3.       I live in Kansas.  In the Kansas City area.  I’ve only lived in two states: Kansas and Missouri.  I prefer Kansas.
4.       I have three children: Tanner, Alli and Peyton.  They are pretty okay.
5.       I’ve only had seven employers my entire life.  I did have one part time job that I didn’t count in there, because I was working somewhere else at the same time.
6.       I have three cats!  Maggie, Kibben and Fred.  I love them.
7.       I have a doggo!  His name is Buster.  I love him.
8.       We have a chinchilla.  His name is Furby.  I love him.
9.       My birthday is March 24th.  That means I’m an Aries.  I’m very passionate and driven, so I fit the type.  It says my main qualities are: peace, wealth and power.  Peyton Manning shares the same birthday.  I named Peyton after him.  Don’t laugh!  It’s a great name.
10.   I just started bullet journaling.  I kinda did it before, but everything was scattered everywhere.  Now, it’s all in one place.
11.   My favorite things to eat are pizza and all the Mexican food.
12.   I like to bake a lot of things from scratch.
13.   I have one sibling and I am the oldest.
14.   I volunteer as the Operating Officer for a nonprofit roller derby league.   
15.   I collect books.
16.   I spend far too much money on books.
17.   My celebrity crush is Steve Kazee.
18.   I would most like to learn how to speak Spanish and Swahili.
19.   My favorite color is red.  Followed closely by silver and gold.
20.   Traveling is also a favorite of mine.

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  1. Hey, I learned a few new things about you! I like both the names Morgan and Peyton.
    Steve Kazee - I remember him in "Shameless". RAWR!
    And now I want Mexican food.

  2. Swahili? That would be a hard language to learn!