Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Oh! What a day it is!

Oh!  Was it a Monday times two at work! J At work, we rotate being the “supervisor” every week.  The one assigned to being sup called in.  So, I did it.  Whew!  It was so busy!  We all ended up staying 15 minutes late.  Why do people walk into a place knowing it’s going to close in a minute or two?  It’s just plain rude.  Because issues here do not take a minute or two.
We are almost one week into the year and I’ve been thinking about my goals.
The first New Year’s Goal I had listed was to increase water consumption and to decrease energy drink consumption.  I haven’t had an energy drink since the week before Christmas.  I miss them, but I know it’s better for me.   I’ve been keeping track of my water on my FitBit app and I’ve reached my goal every day. 
I’ve started cleaning out my car.  The front is done except vacuuming.  I need to order floor mats.  I’ve gotten the oil changed.  Those are part of one of my January goals. 
So far, so good with my budget and savings.  I am trying to do a zero dollar budget.  From my estimate, I will have a bit left over.  I plan on moving that equally into my savings accounts.  I have three currently.  They all serve different purposes though.
I’ve made one soup so far!  Cheddar potato.  Three more to go.
I went to the store last night and almost purchased two items I didn’t need.  I remembered my mindful purchase resolution.  I didn’t need those and I put them back.  That’s a win in my book!
Does anyone have a Master To Do List?  How do you categorize it?
Last night, I did a lot of Bout Production items for Saturday.  I started The Ten Thousand Doors of January.  I made Chicken Tikka Masala in the Instapot. (I had it for lunch also)
Maggie was sleeping on the rug.  
Peyton was sleeping on his chair.  I mean, why have a bed?
This morning when I woke up, the cat was right next to me.  I call this the many faces of Fred.  The first is a yawn, then a lick, then a side eye. (Scroll down, you'll see what I'm writing about.)


  1. Wow, you're rocking the goals! You gave up energy drinks cold turkey? I'm impressed.

    1. There were three days in there that were difficult. My body hated me so much. I found out that they use a different kind of stimulant and not caffeine. I had no idea. I have had a few cans of soda and that was mainly to kill some headaches I had.