Monday, January 27, 2020

A Monday Minute or Two!

Hi all!  I hope your weekend was awesome!  Did you do anything exciting?

On Friday night, my tire blew out on the highway.  Which was unfortunate, but things were taken care of quickly and I was home within 45 minutes of it happening.  I did not change the tire myself, which I am perfectly capable of.  It's cold though and I was tired from work.  Roadside assistance took care of it quicker than I could anyway.  While I was waiting, I ordered new tires and scheduled an appointment the next day to have them put on.

When I got home.  I didn't do much.  Ate a little dinner, watched a little TV and read my book.  I live an exciting life sometimes. :)

Saturday morning was spent cleaning up the rest of the Christmas Decor in the front room.  The only things I have up are a picture of my kiddos in a holiday frame and my buffalo check banner.  It's not too Christmas-y, so it works.  I shoveled my walkway and driveway.  I actually enjoy doing it.  I read a little more and watched a little more TV before heading to my tire appointment.  I arrived a little early and they took my car in right away.  I had brought my book in, but ended up talking to the manager there.  I enjoyed the convo and stories he shared.  It only took 45  minutes from start to finish.  
The tire place is in the same parking lot as Alli's work.  I went over and had a late lunch and saw her.  She was happy to see me.

I met up with friends at the Courthouse Exchange for dinner.  I had a cider and fried pickles.  I was set with just that after my late lunch.  Afterwards, we headed over to watch the derbies at Fountain City Roller Derby.  It was a fun time and I like seeing my friends.  

On Sunday, I picked up Peyton from a friends house in the early morning.  I had the afternoon derby practice (12:30-2pm, it's the worse one!) We did a workout before practice, it's a tough, but fun one. When I got home from practice, Alli had ordered a pizza for us.  Another late lunch. I was planning on making enchiladas, but I saved those for tonight.

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