Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Home Tour: The Front Room

Sometimes my house is a hot mess.  Especially right after the holidays.  Here is a small tour and before/after of my front room.
Here is the before.
Here is the after.
That's the only thing on this wall.  I feel like I might need something else there.  It's just plain. 
My entry way was hot mess express.
Christmas Decor.  Random things.
Delivery boxes, Grocery Bags. 
Looks better.
As you can see on the window, that someone painted the front door before I moved in...(almost six years ago) and didn't remove the extra paint.
I might get around to doing that...eventually? 
Busters happy 
Cats wanted to venture outside. One did escape and got to the snow and said "hell no" and booked it back to the house. 
Couch mess.  See what I did there...moved everything from the entry way onto the couch to make it look messier than it actually was. :) 
Happy napping cat.  I can't tell which one it is from the pic. I have the blankets on it to try to control the mammal hair.   A new couch is on my list for my savings.  This one has paid it's dues and needs to move on to a new home.
I always have my curtains closed now because of my former creepy neighbor.  I wrote about him one time.  I hope he read it.  Because he's a creep and needs to know it!
Another hot mess we have here.  These are all clean clothes.  They somehow got piled on the ottoman.
Much better.  It's all cleaned off and the ottoman has been moved. 
I don't want to admit how long this was up.  My deadline was Feb 1st though, so I beat that.
Half the decorations are already off the tree anyway.  
Much better.
What are you thoughts on the wood paneling? 
I keep going back and forth, but I think I want to keep it.
I do have a wood burning stove, but the previous owner didn't take care of it.
I need someone to come inspect it and give me an estimate on getting it to be functional.
I need to get Buster a new bed, because he has started to tear the stuffing out.  

My front room is pretty plain, but it's easier to manage when it has less stuff in it.

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  1. We have wood paneling too. I want to paint over it in white but I don't know if we will.