Monday, January 6, 2020

The Monday Minute....

Happy Monday! 

It’s back to real life for my family.  Winter break is over L
I enjoyed all my days off.  I heard a rumor that work was a sh*t show though.  Not my monkey, not my circus.
I decided on my January To Be Read List.  I’ve already finished Caraval.  It’s a trilogy, so once I get caught up on more books, I will get the next one.  I’m on to The Ten Thousand Doors of January.
On Friday, I visited a friend that lives about an hour away.  We went to 54th Street to eat and then went back to her house.  She gave me a tour and all her animals were happy as clams.  She just bought a new house not too long ago.  She’s starting to re-decoration things and it’s adorable.  I posted pictures of her pets on Insta.
Alli had a game to cheer at and headed over to a friends afterwards. 
Saturday, I picked up Alli from her friends, then had to take her to work.  She worked from 2-10 making that money.
I went to a get together with lots of food and drinks.  I made my pickle dip as requested.  It’s a simple recipe.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but I can share the recipe.

Pickle Dip:
2 packages of cream cheese, softened
Garlic to taste
Blend those two ingredients together.
Chop pickles up.  Add them to the mix along with some Dill and sour cream. 
Eye it. 
Once that is stirred up, add in the pickle juice to taste.
Mix it all together and try it.  Adjust ingredients to taste.  Add more garlic, dill or pickle juice to your liking.
 There was a White Elephant Gift exchange.  I did not participate.  I’m trying to get rid of things, no acquire more.    
On Sunday, we had our first Vixens practice of the year!  I enjoyed every minute of it.
After practice, I went home and started going through things.  I did a basket in the bedroom that had notebooks, craft and scrapbook supplies.
I organized a cabinet in the kitchen and made a soup for dinner.  One soup down for my goal of four soups for the month.
It doesn’t sound like I did a lot this weekend, but it was nice not doing a lot during that time.
It also sounds like Peyton wasn't around.  He was.  He was hanging with friends and eating all the food. :)

How was your weekend? 
This is my Monday look...

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    1. I do for the most part. I am skipping the next two months, so I can get caught up on books and not purchase anymore. (so hard) Of course, this month, they have two books I want to read on the list, so I will have to order them when I start back up.

  2. I am trying out some new soup recipes this month too. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road