Saturday, January 25, 2020

Saturday morning thoughts...

On Friday, I was woken up by my phone ringing.  School had been canceled.  It was 5 am.  I set my alarm to get up a little while later.  I ended up getting out of bed around 6:30 and getting ready for work.  I had prepared the night before because it was already snowing.  I had my car parked up at the top of the hill.  Despite that, I still had to shovel and I did quite a bit.  I did about half of the road leading up to the main street.  It was a good workout and my FitBit captured it.  It took a little longer than expected, but I was only 15 minutes late to work.  When I arrived at work and was still in my car in the parking garage, I received a text from my employer (State of Missouri) that Hazardous Travel was in force.  I made up my 15 minutes at the end of the day.
In my work bag, I stuck an extra pair of shoes in there, just in case my shoes were soaked through by the time I was finished shoveling.  I didn't need to use them.  The boots I had purchased from Costco kept my feet warm, dry and cozy.  So grateful for them.  They also have fur on them and I love it. 
Kibben always hops in the bathtub once someone gets out.  He stares down the drain.  I always wonder what he sees. 
Walking back to my house on Thursday night.  The snow had already started.  You see my sons footprints in front of me and the lights on in my daughters room.  I had parked quite a bit aways from my house to make sure I could get to work on Friday. 

This was the end of the easement on Friday morning.  I love it.  The snow is so beautiful. 
Below are pictures from ten years ago!  My kiddos were so young. 

My plans for Saturday are to clean up a little, take Alli to work, go to a roller derby game for the other league and have dinner with friends.  I am going to take a little time to work on my presentation for Monday and plan my outfit.
What are you up to this Saturday?


  1. Your snow is pretty... except for when you need to drive to work in it. Good on you for thinking ahead. So organized. Good luck on Monday!

  2. I don't know if we really needed a snow day on Friday! Let's see if this week we can actually have a full week of school.