Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Day In My Life! On a Saturday!

Welcome!  This is my first attempt at a Day in My Life post!  I see it on other blogs and think they are so much fun!  It's hard to remember to take pics sometimes though!

It's Saturday!  "Why would we sleep in?" Kibben asks.  We are up bright and early!

Of course, I check on the kids when I wake up.  Alli had both of the doggos in her room.  There is a kid in there.  Also, this is what a teenagers room looks like!

Letting the doggos out.  I need to wash my rug and hose off my front porch.  It's gotten a little grimy this winter.   That will be a warm weekend project!

I pop in a load of laundry before heading back to my bedroom to watch a few things online. 

Ugh!  Kibben is telling me it's time to do more things. 

I make Banana Peanut Butter Muffins from scratch!
They were delicious!
Another load of laundry 
The "I woke up like this pic"  A couple of hours later.
Yes, my bathroom is small.  And yes, there is that much crap on the sink.
And yes, we do clean it up a lot, but always ends up the same way.
You can judge, but I'll just shrug my shoulders at you. 
Peyton chilling on the couch with Maggie 
I'm off to my boxing class!  It's 10:30 am and already 48 degrees! 
I have arrived and am ready to box!
Our Rec Center is an old high school!
I like the last rule!
We started out in the ring and moved to the heavy bags and then did core on the floor!
Here are the muffins!  I forgot to snag a pic before I left!
But now, it's lunch time.  Leftovers from the night before. that's the nice thing about Chipotle, you always have leftovers.
I laid out my outfit for later today!  I found the dress and necklace at Target!

Buster wants to know what I'm doing.
Sitting here, friend, sitting here.

Kibben is back!  He seems to follow me everywhere.

My dryer is broken and I haven't quite figured out what is wrong with it.
It's 25 years old, I probably need a new one.  I want one to match with my washer.
But anyway, I spent about 45 minutes here drying clothes. 
I took them home to fold.  

Before I went home though, Alli asked me to pick up some goodies for her friends Birthday party this evening.  She told me hot cheetos and sour gummies and whatever else.  She got a bag full of things.

I made it home and wrote out the set up list for the game that evening.

I take a quick bath.  I was pretty sweaty from boxing and housework.

My cuddle babies.
At this time, Alli heads to her friends birthday party and Peyton goes to his dad's for the night.

All ready to head out to work for free.  Haha.  It's my work then my real job sometimes.

I'm at Memorial Hall at 3 pm to let vendors and volunteers in.  I'm by myself for a little while, so I'm just chilling.

I worked on setting up a playlist for the game.

The other team arrived early!  They participated in open track time.

Hanging out for a bit.  

After the game started, I got myself a drink and pulled pork nachos.  So good!

Kansas City won!  This helped up move up 11 ranking points!  what?!

I skip the afterparty and head home!
I feed the hungry hungry hippos!  He has literally scattered food everywhere!

Buster is much more calm and keeps his food in the bowl.

I go down to my room and settle in bed for some reading.

The babies join me!

And that's my day..


  1. Wow, busy day in the life! And fun to read. Your kitty is so cute.
    I sometimes think of doing one, but then get tired of snapping pics. Lazy day in the life!