Tuesday, March 31, 2020

And just like that, it's Tuesday again!

It's the last day of March!  Wow!  What a month we've had!  I hope everyone is hanging in there and feeling okay!  We can only do as much as we can and yes, it is good enough!!

Tomorrow is the Currently post!  It's one of my favorite link ups!  I enjoy visiting all the other blogs.

April also starts the next month of the Instagram photo challenge.  I'm going to try again!

April starts the A to Z Blog Challenge.  I'll post my link up later.  I do it on a different blog.  I want this blog for my personal record and pictures and such!

This weekend was petting animals, doing laundry and taking Alli to work.  I watched a lot of shows.  I finished Tiger King. What a trip?!  I watched all of The Act in one day!  How flipping cray is that story?

I decided to get Disney+ and Hulu.  I got the $10 back for Rakuten and $5 back from Ibotta.
I haven't dove into Disney+ yet, but I have watched things on Hulu.  I ordered another FireStick for the front room.  I have one already, but my daughter uses it for her room.  I should have gotten more than one during Prime Day last year.  Haha.  

All three cats!

Maggie being a cuddly bug.  She's almost 17 now!  She's my little old lady and I love her.

Taking Alli to work.  Alli in the backseat with the doggos.

We got McDonald's breakfast.  Let me tell you, Maggie loves McDonalds.

Draco and I going to pick up Alli from work.  He's a good lil boy.

I made a new recipe on Monday night.  It's honey garlic teriyaki chicken.  I made the sauce from scratch.  The chicken was so delicious.  Nothing was left over.  

While I was helping Peyton with his school work I looked down and saw Freddie like this.  I had to get a pic.  I have no idea what he was doing.

Freddie after the nip.

Maggie enjoying her cat nip snacks!

Driving to work this morning.  This is downtown Kansas City.  The Federal Building is on the right and my building is on the left.  Absolutely no cars.  

Is anyone else doing the A to Z Challenge for April?


  1. I'd love to see the recipe you used for the honey garlic teriyaki chicken- looks delish. What's your other blog for? I also love Mickey D's every once in awhile! Hope you and the fam are staying safe!

  2. Good to see no one driving around in KC. I have no desire to watch Tiger King and I don't know what The Act is, have to look that up!

    1. The Act is the story of the women in Springfield, MO, that pretended her daughter was sick. She got a home from Habitat for Humanity, used the Missouri Medicaid system and food stamps, while not reporting child support income. She kept her daughter isolated from people. And then the daughter murdered her. It's crazy.