Friday, March 20, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? AKA Happy Fri-YAY! (10)

 Hey friends!  Happy Friday!  We made it through week one!

First off, thank you to everyone that continues blogging!  I need them!  I visit quite a few a day and enjoy reading all the things. 

Have you ever done Postcrossing?  I know I’ve blogged about it a few times.  I received a Postcard from Russia this week.  If you haven’t tried it, visit and sign up!   Also, if anyone wants to exchange post cards or letters, let me know!   Send me your address via email: and I will pop one in the mail for you!

Since my group fitness classes and derby has been canceled, I needed to figure out a way to keep active (and sane).  I found the Strong by Zumba DVD on Amazon and ordered it.  My Punches and Crunches class instructor is posting daily vids.  A lot of derby people are posting their workout plans. 

The library did end up closing.  Completely understandable.  And the bookstore closed too!  I am glad I have lots of backlist books to read.

I'm passing my time by working overtime.  I figured I would get extra money for Disney.  I even calculated how many overtime hours I need to work to completely pay for it.  It's not until November, but might as well start now.

I found a cute new rug for my front room.

I am ordering this new TV Stand for my front room.  It will be my birthday present to myself. :)
I ordered my cleaning products from this week.  I do their monthly subscription for the supplies anyway.  There was a note that they would be delayed a few more days than normal.  Again, understandable 100%.  I ordered their seasonal scents of lilac and rose.

I found a new doctor who actually listened to me.  We found out what is wrong and I had meds to start helping it sent to the pharmacy.  

Weekend plans:
Movie night with friends - virtually
Working some OT
Taking Alli to and from work
Birthday lunch with my family on Sunday (my birthday is actually Tuesday)

What are your plans?


  1. I hope you're ok! Thanks to you for blogging to.

  2. My library closed too, so I stocked up on books before they closed. I am trying to get some exercise as well. So far, I've only been doing Yoga with Adriene, but I have a bunch of fitness YouTube channels saved to get some cardio in. Have a great weekend!

  3. I wish I had thought to stock up before our library and book stores had closed but I figure at least I'll be forced to read all those Kindle freebies I've had piling up.