Thursday, March 26, 2020

Back to Work I go...

Hey there!  Day two was back at the office for me.  We are now closed to the public!  We have been over run with Food Stamp applications.  Yesterday when  I got to the office (8 am), we have 8700!  Bananas, right?  But we put the peddle to the metal and kicked ass.  The day went faster than I thought it would.  We are social distancing.  Our office is huge.  There are only eight of us and more than enough desks throughout the office space.  We are making sure each other gets up and walks and doesn't stare at the screens all day.  

I put in my request for telework.  It will take two weeks or so to get things set up.  

Alli is still working at Sonic, but they have shortened the store hours.

I got home and received my package from  I got the "limited time" scents of Rose and Lilac for the spring.  I had ordered some dish towels and a candle.

I made tostadas.  I put the chicken in the instapot with water and taco seasoning and set it to go.  While the chicken was instapotting, I watched some TV.  I caught up on The Resident and Survivor!  I am enjoying Survivor, but super shocked at the people who get voted out!!
I need to clean the front of the Instapot.  I spilled a little getting the chicken out.

So for the Tostadas, I put them on a baking sheet and put cheese on top.  Put them in the oven for around 7 minutes.  It was perfectly melted.  While that was melting, I shredded the chicken and squeezed lime on it and mixed it together.  I love lime.  Once the shells came out of the oven, I put some avocado on it, put shredded chicken and then put cotija and queso fresco crumbles on the top.  I did put some red sauce on top after the pic.  It was delicious.
After I ate, I cleaned up the dining room and took the trash out to the curb.  I cleaned the floors and sat and chilled for a bit.  I went to pick up Alli from work and I took the dogs with me.  Sometimes, it's easier to take them with than to have them get into everything in the house.  They are good boys, but sometimes they are super ornery.

Derby pics from the last game were posted.  Here are the two I was in.

After I picked up Alli, I took a bath and went to bed.  I couldn't sleep.  As per usual lately.  I was up until around 230.
Also, check out my creepster cats.  It's blurry, it was at like 130 in the morning.

. How was your day?

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  1. I work for state government also (but for Medicaid) and our office is still open to the public! It sounds like they don't plan on closing either because so many people don't have access to phone or internet. I used to process the applications but started doing more quality assurance a few months ago- I'm afraid we may have to help out processing if they get slammed with applications.

    I'm fairly new to watching Survivor, I think this is only the third season I've watched all the way through. And yes, it's crazy who they have voted out so far! It will be interesting to see who ends up winning though!