Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday: Social Distancing (well the best I can) Day 6


Monday after work I headed up to Memorial Hall (my derby home) to pick up the fresh fruit that had already been purchased for the canceled game.  It was in the walk in cooler there.  I was just concerned with coming back in a month or two and there being rotten fruit.

Weird story time.  I parked right next to the south door and let myself in the door.  I have a key and a code for the alarm.  When I walked in the alarm was not set.  I thought it was odd, but it happens time to time.  I turned on a few lights and made my way upstairs to go back down to the storage area.  I was in the hallway by the concession stand when I heard beeping from the alarm.  So I turned around and headed back to the alarm to tell the person I was in the building.  No one was there, but the buttons were still being pressed and a message came up stating the south door alarm was turned on.  Well, crap.  I went outside, waited for the alarm to do it's cycle then went back in and unarmed the building and went to get the fruit out of the cooler.  WHO THE HECK SET THE ALARM ON ME!?!?! :)

I took the fruit to work.  We are all bringing goodies in because it's rough.  I'll write a full post later.  No one needs to read it, but I need to document my feelings on things.

They announced Tuesday that my children will be out of school until next year.  When they announced the closure, they announced that they would be busing lunches and breakfast options to the students during the closure.  I know this is a huge relief for some parents in the area.  This is big.  This is the first school district in the area that I've heard of doing this.  This keeps hourly persons employed within the school district: the food services workers, the bus drivers, people to help distribute the lunches, etc...

Speaking of food, I've done my entire meal plan until the end of the month.  Here are my plans:
16 - Pizza Hut 
17 - Salad meal (one of those bagged ones with all the toppings/dressing) 
18 - Gyros
19 - Beef Cheese Sandwiches
20 - Hot Dog Roll Arounds
21 - Instant Pot Garlic Chicken and Rice
22 - Birthday Dinner at Mom's
23 - Frito Pie
24 - Chipotle Delivery for my Birthday
25 - Ritzy Chix Casserole
26 - Pineapple, Lime, Chicken Tostadas
27 - Air Fryer Chicken and Onion Rings
28 - Mac and Cheese with Polish Kielbasa
29 - Teriyaki Stir Fry
30 - Air Fryer Grilled Cheese and Noodles
31 - Quesadillas of some kind

Drop a few in the comments, I need some for next month. :)

The kids have been chilling at my house.  They normally go to their Dad's on Tuesday nights, but he is a lineman for the utility company and they are running mock drills (just in case).

I've been working overtime.  Since everything else is canceled, I might as well make some monies to support future travel endeavors.  (Grand Canyon and Disneyland)  While working overtime, I watched the Dropkick Murphy's St Patrick's Day Show on Facebook live.  It was so good and a nice break.
The doggos got their Bark Box.  Buster is terrified of the Kangaroo.  It was a good laugh.  The box is so cute though.

I've put some TV show series DVDs on hold at the library, so I can go pick those up soon.  Thank goodness the library is staying open for check out only.  It's a little bit of normalcy.  

How are you doing?


  1. I hope you're hanging in there. You know, after all of this, we should get together. :)

  2. You are so lucky your library is open for pick-ups! I've been wishing ours would do that, just so I could get my holds. Depending on how long this lasts, I wonder if they'll consider it. (They closed up shop last Sunday.)