Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Let's Look: The Inside of My Purse

I know the link up was canceled, but I already had to post complete, so I'm going ahead with it. :)
Side note: I actually forgot my purse yesterday.  I never forget my purse.  I was too distracted. 

I carry two bags daily!  My purse and then my bag with the rest of the things I think I need.

My big bag:
I have food items in plastic bags.  I like to keep it all separated until I eat, even my sandwich stuff. 
Boursin is my absolute favorite cheese spread.  If you can't tell, I'm a Costco shopper. :) 
I do Imperfect Produce, so I try to have a piece or two of fruit each day.
Here are the non-food items from the big bag.
I have two books, a notebook, magazines, calendar, my book from the Workshop two weeks ago and miscellaneous things.  

My purse:

What's in your bag??


  1. Why was the link up canceled? Your bag looks organized!

    1. It's on the Mix and Match Mama Blog. I think she was overwhelmed with her travel agency stuff and trying to rearrange her business. I'm sure that's trying and difficult.