Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Half of a Weekend Recap!

Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a start to the week.
On Friday, I made a list of things I wanted to get done this weekend.  I didn't do terrible either.  It's just a little thing in the Chaos of Life right meow.
On Friday, I sent in my mail in ballot for the presidential primary.
I scheduled all my outdoor things for Friday because it was supposed to rain on Saturday (turned out to be Sunday that the rain came)
I put the rest of the mulch down (I need one more bag!), watered the plants, trimmed the rest of the rosebushes and planted my marigold seeds.   I was planning on mowing the lawn, but my gas can is missing.  We still haven't found it, i'll have to get another one.  The lawn is a mess at the moment.  lol
I did some boring things like: order stamps, pay bills and schedule bill pay for the upcoming week.
I did set up my Firestick  Finally!  And I watched Captain Marvel.
I cleaned out my work bag, so it looks decent again.   I have some unclaimed cash, I filled out the form to get that.  I just have to wait for my stamps to mail it.
We had an oven pizza and had an over all good night.
I had to pick up Alli at 10:15 from work.  After I got home, I passed out, I was so tired.

On Saturday, I did all the laundry first thing in the morning.
I cleaned up the kitchen counters and made boiled eggs in the Instapot.
Alli had to work from 4-10, so I did the taking and picking up.
I read a lot in my book and enjoyed a nice long bath.
I stuffed the Easter Eggs.
Peyton and I took a quick run to Chik-Fil-A and got lunch.  They have completely touchless service.  
We did a few more house things that just needed to be done.
I made some Bratwurst in the Air Fryer and we had it with mac and cheese for dinner.  Nothing too exciting.
I didn't do much on my list that day, but did get in Iron Man and Iron Man 2.  I'm actually enjoying these Marvel Movies.

Voting Ballot!  Check! 

Nest check!  Still there!

World's Oldest Cat Check!  Still here! I luv her so much!

Two craziest kitcats!  check!

Draco and Peyton pic in the Chick-Fil-A Drive thru.


I asked Peyton to make his bed.  It's one of his assignments.  Well, this is what I found.  He managed to put the mattress pad on....He didn't even put the pillowcases on!

I ordered the SinglesSwag box.  This is what I got.  
More mascara! I think every subscription box gives you black mascara.
I went to cancel it after the first box and they gave me another coupon, so I will get it again in May with the coupon, then cancel it.

I'll post up our Easter things and recipes soon.
I had a lot of fun making dinner for my little fam, but I missed the rest of my fam.
It's just weird.


  1. I didn't send in my ballot yet! I guess I should do that.

  2. So much goodness here. The nest!! Can't wait to see what hatches. The idea of boiled eggs in the Insta? What? Mac-n-cheese and brats sound delish to me. So does Chick-fil-a. Mmmm.