Friday, April 3, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? AKA Fri-YAY! (12)

Happy Friday, all!  

This was our first week of distanced learning.  Some of those online assignments are hard.  Not the assignments, but the actual technology to get it submitted.  It's a lot, but we are getting it done!  Whew!

We had a meeting to go over telework this morning.  Seems pretty cut and dry.  We do report to the office on Monday as they are still trying to get people set up.  They have a lot of people to get through.  Looks like I need to work on an at home office this weekend!  I have a spare bedroom with a desk, might have to be the place.

I received the new FireStick in the mail yesterday! yay!  I will have to get it set up this weekend!

I took a trip to Aldi's yesterday.  Everyone was practicing social distancing and respecting each other.  They had a ton of food items.  No paper towels or TP though.  I did hear a rumor that CVS does have some TP.  If I don't find any this weekend, I will run up there and get some.  I got some fresh fruit and veggies, some bread products and a few protein items.  And snack things!  There were a couple items I didn't find, but a quick stop at Walmart after work will take care of those things.

I made tostadas again for dinner.  This time with taco meat.  (because it needed to be used up)  They are pretty delicious.  Not super exciting, but hey, dinner.

While I'm completely exhausted, I am grateful for so many things.

April Goals!

  • Clean out under kitchen sink 
  • Start sunflower seeds (they are set to arrive next Friday!)
  • Trim rose bushes
  • Dye Easter Eggs
  • Clean Up the Front Porch
  • Read a book or two :)
Not too lofty and achievable with our current environment.  

Here's a few pics!
I took a clipping from my coworkers plant and brought it home. Does anyone know what type it is?
I am going to plant it once it starts rooting.

Buster all on top of me.  He kept trying to cuddle like the cats do.  It was so cute, but he's a heavy guy. 
All there cats and the two dogs in the pic.
There was a flipping HUGE raccoon that they yelling at!
Like the raccoon was almost as big as Draco (smaller dog)

I hope everyone has a happy, safe and healthy weekend!


  1. You are starting to work from home now? That must be a relief.

    1. Not yet! Everything is getting set up. I'm still waiting for my official start email! I was just told that people in our building have started getting them today. Everyone in our Liberty office has already received theirs. Hoping mine comes today!!

  2. I'm working from home too - it's not much of an adjustment for me, but I know it's tough for a lot of people. I love that you have a dog named Draco. He's one of my favorite HP characters. Hopefully you get a couple of great books read this month!


  3. I love that kitty is right at the door with the dogs investigating/yelling at the raccoon. Lol

    Thank you for your service and helping out so many people that need it most. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of applications to go through and I’m sure (and hopeful) those people are grateful.

    Keep well and stay safe my friend.