Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Currently.... (4)

Happy April, friends!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Currently.  This is one of my all time favorite link ups!  Pop on over to In Residence and join in!

sharing:  I feel like I'm sharing all my kids school work!  The Eighth Grade stuff isn't bad thus far (we are only two days in), but I am struggling with Tenth Grade Geometry!  HALP!

writing:  I'm writing on this blog and my A to Z Challenge blog.  Check it out if you would like!  Also, I'm making lists because it makes me happy!!  

wishing:  That I can find TP before we run out (10 rolls!)  I am still going into the office during the day and when I leave there is no TP left in the stores.  I am wondering if I need to go before I get into the office?  7 am?  Should I be able to find TP then?
investigating:  How to keep plants alive!  How to build sunflower beds so they will be happy and what order to watch the Marvel movies in (since I have Disney+ now)

buying: Oh, goodness, this is a long list.  And yes, all my bills have been paid and my family has everything that they need!  My emergency fund is also still in tact.  So, no judging because this isn't even my complete list.

  • Soil
  • Sunflower Seeds multi pack (eight different kinds!)
  • Herb Growing Starter set
  • Books: The Guest List, Valentine, The Whisper Man, The Sun Down Motel
  • Bark Box
  • Ipsy Add Ons: 2 face masks, toner, lip scrub and hair mask
  • Old Navy: leggings, cardigans and tees


  1. I ordered some sweatshirts from Old Navy. I wonder if I'll ever get them!

    1. One of my orders is being shipped today! It took a bit longer than normal (which is expected right now!), but should be to me by next Monday. I haven't heard on the second order yet.

  2. No judging your list! I'm trying to keep the economy going over here and definitely have ordered a few things. We're ordering seeds too. Gotta get that garden started!

  3. Hope you have better luck with your shipments! And yes to a sunflower garden...that would be lovely!!

  4. I really feel for parents who are still working and have to "homeschool" on top of it!
    Not judging your buying list. Those of us still employed have to keep the economy going!

  5. I could really use some more leggings! lol I've been wearing comfy clothes every day. :) I don't know how some parents are homeschooling. If I had to teach math, I'd be lost. LOL


  6. Oh man I'm glad I'm only dealing with math for a 6 year old. I'm reminded how in high school we used to always ask the teacher, "when are we ever going to need to know this as adults, anyway?!" and I guess we found the situation - when you suddenly have to homeschool your kids!

    Sounds like you are going to have a good garden! We are definitely more motivated to do more with that at our house this year, since we're home so much more on the weekends.