Monday, April 27, 2020

Happy Monday!

Monday Morning Thoughts:
5:00 am - why am I awake already?
5:30 am - It's raining...again...
6:00 am - Which black leggings should I wear today?
6:30 am - Why is the cat chewing a plastic wrapper?
7:00 am - I should probably get out of bed

Hi everyone!  I hope your weekend was nice!  The most exciting thing to happen to me was someone from Albany, NY using my Hulu sign in.  I got to spend three minutes removing their device and changing my password. :)

I did laundry, make some food, worked a little OT and took Alli to and from work.  We worked on some school work.

Friday:  Just normal work hours.  During my lunch, I ventured to the book store to pick up books I had ordered for a book exchange.  I said if they couldn't find items on the list, just to pick some out for her.  They bring your books out and set them on a table.  On the way back to work, I picked up a burger and fries at Culvers.  
Friday night:  I did my weekly grocery shopping.  Picked up the RedBox movies I reserved.  Saw a longtime friend at the grocery store.  We exchanged pleasantries from a six foot plus distance.  I went home, made the pizza I picked up at the grocery and Peyton and I watched the new Jumanji.  It was pretty decent.  P fell asleep.  Shocker on that one.
Freddie is looking fondly outside, wishing for the rain to stop.
I picked up Alli from work.  I didn't take the doggos with me because they were pretty relaxed and chilling in the front room.  Peyton was still sleeping on the chair when we got back home.  Alli ate some pizza, took a bath and went to bed.

I went down to bed after that.  Peyton was still sleeping in the front room, but later that night, he was in his room with the dogs.

Saturday:  I did OT in the morning.  Stopping by for my McDonald's breakfast.   I worked for about three hours.  Sent my OT in for the week and sent my OT schedule to my boss for this week.  Do you spy my cute little juggling bean bags?  A friend mailed them to me.  I've been practicing with them when I need a brain break.  My desk is a lot smaller than my main desk, but I prefer being in the back office.  Plus, we desk share and my coworker is using that one.  
After the OT, I spent time doing laundry and I watched "Like a Boss".  I was an okay movie.  I stumbled upon "Pretty Big Lies" on Hulu.  It is so good!  I watched 12 of the 14 episodes this weekend.  I cannot wait to finish the last two.   I finished my book up.  
Alli and I worked on some of her English Assignments.  We read "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes and I really enjoyed it.  Baby Dog decided it was okay to stand on my table.  I was like WTH!? and laughed then got him off the table.
I took Alli to work and went home and watched more of the show.  I finally opened some of the subscription boxes I received.  Peyton played Xbox a lot of the day.  It was too wet outside to mow lawns or do any yard work.  It did dry up later in the day, but by that time, I was out.
 This is the SingleSwag Welcome box.  It has some cute stuff in it.  Alli has already claimed the socks.  And she said "Of course, a book, like you need another book!" :)
This one is the Therabox.  I am excited about the Grateful journal.  I really liked the stuff in this one.  I can't wait to try to the dry shampoo.

I made the kids favorite shrimp quesadillas.  I put brown sugar, Sriacha and garlic powder in a skillet and melt it down slightly.  I add the shrimp in and let them sit and simmer.  I clean it all up and then make the quesadillas.  I was so happy that the store had the Quesadilla cheese.  The last few weeks they have been out.  Peyton ate them right up and so did Alli when she got home.

I picked her up at 10:15 from work.  I took the doggos with me cause they like car rides.  Alli sat in the back with the baby dog because Buster took the front seat.  Alli wanted to stop by Taco Bell and get a Crunchwrap supreme.  So we did.  She ate a crunch wrap supreme, chalupa and the shrimp quesadilla.  Apparently, work made her really hungry.
Sunday:  I got out of bed and made some breakfast.  The dogs ate Allis before she got out of bed.   I had set it on her dresser for her and woke her up.  Opps.  I did have extra food though.  I spent the morning cleaning the laundry room.  Honestly, I don't know why my kitkats are so messy!  
I spent some time watching the show.  

Peyton took the lawnmower and went to go mow peoples lawns.  He made about $100 doing so. (All social distancing practices were followed)

I took Alli to work and she got the doggos some pup cups. 
I ordered dinner for myself and Peyton.  We ate our dinner.  I started reading, "The Starless Sea" and got quite a bit read.

I went to pick up Alli and she asked what I made for dinner.  I told her nothing and she's like "I can't believe you went somewhere without me"  I gave her a look and said "Seriously?"  She, then, started laughing.  She remembered that I had gotten dinner from Sonic and she brought it out for me.  Haha.  She asked to go by Taco Bell again.  We made a quick run through the drive through.  Peyton was already asleep by the time we had gotten home.  I went to bed soon after.

How was your weekend?  

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