Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easter Recipes and Things...

I had stuffed the eggs full of this goodness the night before.  Well, just a the little stuff.  The bigger stuff, I put out with the kiddos breakfast.

I made cinnamon rolls shaped like bunnies (sort of) and bacon.
My kids really need to appreciate me more!
Fred is watching the breakfast happenings.

The night before I sat out the rolls to rise and rise they did.
Peyton thought the rolls were ugly. lol. so he poked his fingers in some and they deflated.  I made him eat those.

I made Deviled Eggs

The recipe is simple.
Egg insides, mayo, mustard, garlic, paprika and chopped up pickles and pickle juice.  Totally added a secret ingredient.  Turned out pretty well!

Our whole spread:
Ham with a brown sugar pineapple glaze
Scalloped Potatoes from a BOX! :)
Garlic and Butter Green Beans
Deviled Eggs

I made Sugar Cookies -- from a box with bunny shapes on them.

Everyone enjoyed the food.  Even P with his sideways glance.
I made the perfect amount of food.
We had some eggs left over and ham.  Only about a serving of potatoes and green beans were left.
It was hard cooking for so few people on a holiday. (AND WEIRD!)

I had a decent hair day.

That evening I relaxed with a face mask and a foot mask!
Those pizza socks are seriously so cuddly!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Everything sounds delish and looks so festive. The bun cinnamon rolls are precious. Need to remember that!!