Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Status Report: Spring To Do List

Here is my short list of things I would like to do this Spring:
Make a Bird Feeder  -- not yet!
Clean Up the Front Porch -- this seems to be the never ending project!  
Read a Book or two or ten  -- In progress...I've had a hard time reading lately.  I'm about finished with a book and am going to do a random draw on what to read next.
Dye Easter Eggs  -- we did a few, but didn't get very far.
Plant Sunflowers  -- I'm still trying to figure this one out.
Buy some flowers (and keep them alive!)  -- So far, I've kept the strawberries alive.  The doggo dug up the peonies, I tried to save them...we will see.  I still have the herbs to plant and the catnip!  I got the cats a little present so they will stop eating my fern.
Go on a hike  -- I did this!  I did four miles on the Cabin Fever Trail at Smithville Lake.  I am looking at other area trails to do some more.
Spring Cleaning Weekend  -- honestly, I feel like I am cleaning ALL THE TIME RIGHT NOW!! and my house still doesn't feel clean.  I think it's in my head.
Work some OT  - I have been doing this.  They restricted it to weekends only for a while, but now we are back to weekday OT.  
Have a bonfire!  -- I've started my burn pile!  
Finish one of the new puzzles  -- working on this one!  I'm slow, but I did order a puzzle board so I don't have to worry about cats knocking pieces off the table.  I finished the cat puzzle!  There were two pieces missing, but I found them...chewed up by doggos.  But I was still able to get it done!
Send Postcards - I've sent letters out and I grabbed my postcards today to mail out!  I'm out of Kansas postcards, but I have bookish ones that I can send.  Also, if you want to exchange letters/postcards, let me know!

If things are better:
Short Road Trip  - Not yet
Go to the Zoo - Not Open Yet
Bowling with the Fam - Not Open Yet
Farmers Market  - Not Open Yet, but I have been ordering from one of the fruits and veggie vendors and picking it up at the facility.
Zombie Maze at Union Station - Not Open Yet

What's on your list?  And what have you done so far?


  1. I wish I had some fun postcards to send!

  2. I'm doing spring cleaning too - mostly from unpacking since our move to a smaller house.
    Hopefully your "Not Open Yets" will change soon! In the meantime, cleaning is always open :)

  3. You're rocking your not-so-short list of spring to-do's! I'm super slow with doing puzzles too. Still working on the one I started in mid-March. Congrats on finishing one! I had a hard time of reading in the beginning of our quarantine, but then I DNF'ed a few I wasn't really feeling, found a few really good ones, and I think I'm finally out of my reading slump! Good luck with the ones still in progress!