Thursday, April 9, 2020

oh! hi friends!

it's Thursday and they have still not gotten us our soft keys to work from home.  Why is it taking so long?    I feel like we will be open for the public by the time they get these to us.  Sigh.  
In other words, I did put on make up on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Nothing extraordinary, but enough to make me not look super pale and not happy.  Small win for the day!
On Tuesday night, we tackled Geometry homework.  
Buster isn't feeling it either.  We got three assignments done, but still have like 
five to go.  I don't understand it at all and it's hard to teach someone geometry when you can't do it.  Give me any other subject and we are done. 
She said she looks like Ariel.  I agree.  The hair seems to be the perfect color. 
 Draco wasn't having the geometry nonsense either.  He was snoring with his head on the pillow.  How cute is that?
I made some teriyaki noodles with veggies and chicken.  They were pretty yummy.  It wasn't what we were originally supposed to have, but I couldn't find my meal plan list and couldn't remember what I had on it. 
I did some outside work.  I trimmed the rose bush back and cut most of the dead gross one out.  I want to pull it out, so the roots will grow back (and they do, quickly) nice and fresh and not dead and rotten looking.
Wednesday morning, I picked up one of my friend/coworker for work.  Her car had broken down (it's fixed now!)  
When I walked out my door, it was so pretty and foggy out. I loved it.  I had to snap a few pics. 
I love those trees.  I should have aimed a little higher so the fence wasn't in the pic. 
After work Wednesday, I took a quick trip to Aldi's.  Again, everyone was very polite and practicing social distancing.  I needed to grab eggs and frozen chicken.  The night before I realized I only had two frozen breasts left.  I picked up some limes and avocados and candy for the Easter Egg hunt.  I picked up a few here and there items and lunch items also.  Food has been going fast through the day and I'm trying to keep it stocked for the kids.  They are going most days to get lunches from the bus.

Peyton and I got McDonald's from the Drive Thru.  So exciting!  :)

When I got home, I worked on some porch stuff.  My potting soil and other items had arrived.
While I was cleaning, I was trying to figure out why there was a plastic bag and mess on my flower rack. was a nest and it has three eggs in it!  Today, when I left for work, I saw a mama cardinal in the nest!  How exciting!   
I planted my peony bulb in a large planter.  I'll get pics of all the work I've done once it's finished.  It doesn't look that pretty right now.  Haha.  

I worked on cleaning up the kitchen and getting trash to the end of the easement.  Took a couple of trips, but it's all good.  I had a lot of boxes for the recycling.

Alli worked until 9.  I went and picked her up and we grabbed her a few chicken sandwiches from McDonald's and headed home.

I received my box from the Book of the Month Club.  Here are the ones I received.  Has anyone read any of them? 


  1. I love nests! I hope you get to see the birds hatch! I read The Sun Down Motel (loved) and The Whisper Man (liked).

    1. I'm keeping a lookout on the nest! I can't wait until they hatch!!