Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Half-way through the week!

Time feels like it's just blending together.   I can't believe it's Wednesday already.
Even sitting at my desk, working, time is being weird.  Like I thought we just had our 9 am meeting when my FitBit told me I hadn't gotten up to move in an hour.  It was 10:50 am.  I don't even know what I accomplished during that time.
I have my list of things to do once work is over.  It's definitely not as long as the weekend list.
I emailed Peyton's Bear Time teacher today, just checking in.  He's getting all his science work in, but hasn't been doing the Bear Time Check Ins daily.  Peyton tells me he does, but there is no way of telling either way.  I guess I'll just have to make him do it in front of me, since those are the only two that got completed last week.  I made a list of all of his and Alli's assignments.  I want everything caught up by this weekend.  Alli has a lot of little things to do.  Peyton has three science assignments, four for both social studies and english, two for math, daily check ins for PE and a ton for journalism.  I am so behind with him on that class.  Things have changed a lot in the 23 years since I've taken a journalism class.  We might have to spend a complete day just working on that class.
Peyton worked on his FACS class last night.  He made us Tacos, washed the dishes (i left them in there for him, haha) and did a kitchen scavenger hunt.  We only have seven more things to do to get caught up in that class.  One is to create a book of favorite recipes, he only needs four and it counts for two items.  One we worked on last night, but didn't type up and send in was creating a menu for a dinner.  We will get it typed up tonight and turned in.  I'll have him help with laundry this weekend and maybe we can get the bathroom cleaning done.  That will just leave us two more things to do.  FACS isn't hard, some of it is just time consuming and it's quicker for me to do those things myself. :)

Buster and Peyton waiting for me so we could go grab ice cream.

The Bark Box CAME!  Buster couldn't wait to see what was it in. 

Look at how cute this is!  A little Speakeasy!

The Ipsy Box with all our add-ons came also!
I used the over night mask and lip scrub last night!

Peyton making tacos.

Peyton washing dishes.  The cat water fountain is in the other side.  I had to scrub it out, somehow (the dog) got food all in it and it was gross.  It's all lovely and working again now.

Peyton enjoying his tacos.  They actually were quite delicious.

I was putting together the little planter kits.  I went into the other room to get something and came back to my Kibben drinking the water.  My strawberry plant is inside right now because it's been below freezing the last few nights.  I moved the fern inside too.  The cats love that thing.

I check on the of the eggs is missing.  I did find it in the driveway. :(

The little plants.  One is Cosmos and the other is a Daisy.  I put them in the window until it warms up a little.

I spent a lot of time cleaning up the kitchen and dining room last night.  I got all the trash gathered for pick up on Thursday, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned off the appliances and cabinets.  It's a lot of busy work.  I think the busy work is helping me since I don't have other things to keep me busy right now.
I made my meal plan and grocery list.  I checked on what I already had in the cabinets and fridge.  The grocery list is pretty short.  It's a lot of snacks and drinks for the kiddos and side items.  Peyton requested Tostinos pizza, but I haven't been able to find them for a few weeks.  Maybe they will be there today, or I can find some little microwavable ones.   

I hope everyone is well and that you are able to enjoy your Wednesday!

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