Wednesday, January 20, 2016

20 Things That Will Make This The BEST Year Yet!

1. I'm going to stop complaining.  It makes me in a bad mood.

2. I'm not going to worry as much.  Things are going to work out wonderfully and how they are suppose to. 

3. Show love ~  I am going to make sure those I love know that they are very loved.

4. Be happy.  So many things to be happy about.  Sure, we will have our sad times, but that will just make the happy times so much better.

5. Read more books....

6.  Learn how to use Twitter.  So completely lost.  Like in the middle of the woods lost with that social media thing.  I've got the Instagram and Facebook down.

7. Play in a dodgeball tournament.  Because.  So much fun!

8.  Have fun Kansas City/Kansas/Missouri adventures.

9.  Watch more baseball!

10.  Make out with a certain someone (love your face) a lot.

11. Have all the funs playing the derbies.

12.  Campaign for a seagull and polar bear emoji. 

13.  Learn how to make even more yummy foods and feed them to peoples.

14. Take more risks.  I'm not scared yo!

15.  I'm going to send more snail mail.  It's better than getting bills in the mailbox.

16. Stop comparing myself to others because I'm never going to be them.  I'm just going to be me.

17. Seeing Pandas.  Real life Pandas. And take pictures of them with my iPad. Yes, I went there.

18. Do all the fun things!

19.  Something I want to put here....

20.  Something else I want to put here...will save those two for later!


  1. I love Pandas! They are so cute. And I too need to stop worrying, it's easier said than done. Have a great week

    1. Pandas are my favorite. Did you see the videos of Tian Tian posted this weekend? Super cute! Taking advantage of a snow day!

  2. I am so curious. Had you not thought of 19 and 20 or did you censor them so as not to shock us?!

    1. I totally know what they are. :) They are going to be so great and I can't wait to tell people about them.

  3. I decided to read more books last year and I'm so glad I did. That's a decision you won't regret. Sometimes it's nice to slip into other worlds and get lost for a bit. :)

    1. I looked up a ton this weekend. To see if there was anything new and exciting. Of course, found a ton of them. Also, some oldies, but goodies added to the list.