Monday, January 4, 2016

Nine Ways to Spend Winter Break in the Kansas City

I'm sure they are much more than nine, but I had a hard time coming up with nine!  EEK!

1. Mentioned in previous post, but it's cold outside, so do something warm inside that will get your heart racing.


2. Boulevard Brewery Tour
These tours used to be super hard to get into.  They did them twice a month only.  Now, they are almost every day of the year.  I haven't done one yet, but I will.
And beer at the end. 

3. Union Station
There are lots of things to do here.  There is Science City, the Planetarium, the Extreme Movie Screen, the model trains, exhibits in the basement (Currently DiVinci) and all the Christmas Decorations.  You can go outside for a minute and look for the bullet holes.  It also connects to...

4. Crown Center
My Peyton loves the train restaurant, Fritz's. While the food is not the best, it is a fun place for the kidlets to go since they deliver the food with a train.  You can watch them make fudge at Chip's Chocolate Factory.  Outside they have the big Christmas Tree and all the fun lights.  Ice Skating at the Ice Terrace.  Kaleidoscope for when you are feeling artsy.  Crown Center also houses Lego Land and Sea Life Aquarium.

5. Alamo Draft House
Best date night movie theatre ever!  The drink I had was a very strong Cherry Limeade tasting drink.  Super yummy.  Mike had some Blvd Beer :) The loaded fries and fried pickles were amazing.  We saw Star Wars.  My first time that week, his second.  I can't even talk about it still.

6. See the Lights! 
There are a couple of places you can visit.  The Plaza, Longview Lake and the Magic Tree.

7. Updown
The best bar ever.  Any bar where you can play retro video games and drink beer and maybe get your butt handed to you in Connect 4, is the best bar ever.  Whoever thought of this idea was a freaking genius.  I'll play any of you in Street Fighter anytime.
8.  The Kansas City Zoo
It's open year round and they do fun things in December.  They have Polar Bear things and Penguin things.  The penguins are so super adorable. 

9. Hanging out at my house is kinda fun too.  You know you will get good food and drinks if you come over.


  1. Sounds like a great place to visit! I've been to KC once, many years ago for a wedding. I was actually surprised at how many fun things there were to do - and all those fountains!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Fun! I think hanging around the house is kinda fun too. :) But it's nice to have back up ideas!

  3. Love your ideas for winter in KC. My son and I are actually taking advantage of today's higher temps and hitting the zoo this afternoon.