Friday, January 1, 2016

Star Wars/New Year's Day

Here is the thing: whenever I try to make plans, something goes wrong. 
Most of the time, it's not even in my control.
Like trying to go see Star Wars.
I bought tickets online for the Union Station Theatre.
The projector broke.
Got my money back, but not the online transaction fee. (Boo!)
We went to Cinemark (which was actually cheaper)
and got to see the movie.
It was my second time.
Mikes third time.
And the kids first time.
The other kid didn't get his picture taken.
We ate too much popcorn.

After the movie, we went to my moms for New Year's Day Dinner.
We all ate Black Eyed Peas so everyone better have some good luck coming up this year. For real.
Maybe, I'll have good luck with  making plans.
"Mom, take my picture"
"Mom, I want mine too"

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