Sunday, January 17, 2016

Alli and Basketball

Another weekend...more basketball.
The rec league Alli plays for jams all of the basketball into January.  Except one game, that's in February.
Two more games this weekend.
The first game.  They played against 7/8 graders.  Who were significantly taller than them.  They didn't wake up until the second half though and started playing so major D. 

Alli is in the center.  Blurring pic all around.
Here was the score at the end of the first game.
While they only got two points, guess who made those two points?
Yep, my girl!

This is what we look like after hardly any sleep.  Thank goodness Sunday's game was at 2 pm.

Sunday's game wasn't until later in the afternoon.  Thank goodness.  We needed a little rest.
I got picked on.  I was asked to keep score for the game.
So this was my view.
Five was the unlucky number during the game.  Both boys wearing five got a lot of penalties.
The one on Alli's team fouled out in the 4th.  The other boy had to sit out and was exclaiming his favorite word the entire time. (Which almost got him kicked out of the game)
The second game of the weekend was definitely more even matched and the score remained close.
Free throws, ya'll
Oh and Alli decided to play with her finger a little gross.
She did fine and her finger looks a ton better.

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