Monday, January 18, 2016

Owl Prowl

Owl Prowl Survival (for Adults)

Owl Prowl is an all-nighter.  The girls are suppose to stay up all night and be able to roam free in a secure and safe environment.

What adults need to know:
If you are going to volunteer, sign up for an early time.
By 4 am, you are toast and it's not a good time to volunteer.

Make cupcakes.
That's what I did.  From scratch.
Only about half of them were consumed.
There was a ridiculous amount of food.
Like a ridiculous amount. 
They might not need as much as they are asking for.

Consume caffeine
Red Bull and It Works Energy works really well here.
I failed to consume either, even though they were in my bag.

Bring something to do.
Like coloring books.
Those are all the rage.
I brought some.
Books also work.
Oh, and playing games on your phone. 
I don't know anyone that does that!
Do you?

Bring the worlds warmest blanket and pillow.
Sleeping on a camping chair is not fun.
At least, be warm.
The picture of me sleeping, with my head against the wall, will not surface here.

After three years, I am grateful that this is our last one.

Katelyn, Abbi and Alli at the beginning
About a fourth of the people that were there.
This is what Alli thinks of pictures...
"My crop dusting skills are on fleek" Alli's quote of the night
The Girls Made it, the moms...did not.
Oh hey, look, snow, and you cant see anything.
Alli took the picture, so no yelling at me.
We made it home around 6:45ish.
Took a minute with the snow!

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