Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Things

Happy Monday!  The last Monday in January!  Where did this month go?  Seriously, it flew by.  It's not like it was super exciting either.  Pretty normal and typical January.  All the basketball on the weekends.  First derby game coming up this weekend.  My love will be here.  January will end just as great as it started.
Alli's basketball team lost both games. Alli fouled three times.  She's getting agressive, which is needed with the teams they play against.  Also, she hates me taking pictures of her.
Alli became a "teen" in the world of Girl Scouts.  She went to an all day meeting after basketball on Saturday to help plan Girl Scout Day Camp. The theme is the Olympics.  Hopefully, they can come up for some awesome things for the younger girls to do.
I started a Pinterest project in my kitchen.  I couldn't finish it because Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday and I needed something from there.  It was an unexpected thing I wanted to add to it, otherwise I would have gone to the Hobby Lobby on Friday.  It's right across the street from IKEA and I was haunting that place on Friday.
Something else of note: Peyton...took a shower without a fight!  What?!?  He also cleaned up the mess in his room....without a fight.  I don't know what's going on.  I'm okay with's just weird.
Looking a little guilty
She doesn't like this.
One of my little cuddle bugs
I made foods!
My niece is super adorable as she eats crackers and gets them all over my lap.
World's Oldest Cat is still alive and keeping herself hydrated.
I have an IKEA problem.
I'll use all the stuff, so maybe not really a problem.

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