Monday, January 18, 2016

Fountain City Roller Derby League Pictures

All of the peoples in the League
2016 Shotgun Sheilas
Cherry Violence, Zombina, Jade Bond, Aneeda Hurtcha, Dorothy Gale-force, Penny Roller, Beetle Juke
Me, Luckey Strikes, Mimi LeStrange, Dir-T Diana, Pippi Strongblocking
Ensane Gwen, Black Mamba, Foxxi Brown
(missing Hannah Matronic)
Coaches: Wyatt, Captain Ron, Lukey and Yoshi
2016 Usual Suspects
Me, Micro Psycho, Texas Outlaw, Leroy Jenkins, 10Acious V, Aneeda Hurtcha
Striking Dervish, Jam Pa, Valkyrie, Candi Crusher
Ensane Gwen, Slam of God, Groot, Lili St. Slayer
We had a few missing...
Coaches: Shelly and Ben

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