Sunday, January 10, 2016

BasketHaz has Started!

Alli's first basketball game is over.  The first game jitters out of the way.  The realization that all the leagues uniforms look exactly the same except the should colors. (Other team had to put on practice jerseys so the refs could tell the difference between the teams)
The girls and boys played well.  They lost though.  I think as the season goes on they will be more aggressive.  Especially when they have to play a team mostly made up of boys with the three girls that they do have sitting on the bench most of the time.  We play them three times.
Looking up at the ball...
And this is how her teammate passed the ball to her...

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  1. Youth basketball - how fun! My kids all played, but weren't into it enough to continue to play in high school. Good fun for winter!