Thursday, December 21, 2017

writer's workshop: grinch

I have no Christmas tree this year. 
I have a ton of decorations and I keep buying more.
Time just got away with me.
I'm not a Grinch, I swear.
I still have the holiday spirit!
I have a funny from this week.
All of the local Lil Caesars are shut down.
I'm sure they are shut down elsewhere too,
but they didn't pay their taxes. Whomp, whomp and were shut down.
The employees might not get their 27th paycheck.
But here is the letter posted on the door of the Lil Caesars by my house.
I can't even with it.
I ran into the door and it got my hand pretty well.
Who the heck does that?
The Vixens got our new uniforms!
I think they are badass and love them.
This picture is from 2013.
We had decorated Gingerbread Houses at a friends.
Peyton made a pooping Santa and stole the show.
It was pretty hilarious.

Happy Winter Solstice! 
Our Northern Hemisphere days will only get longer from here on out!
Happy First Day of Winter!
I do actually hope it gets cold soon!
Kill all the bugs!
Wait, was that grinchy to say?

1 comment:

  1. That sign. OMG. Probably helps explain why they didn't pay their taxes. Maybe they should just aplogaze to the IRS.
    Ran into a door? Don't you get beat up enough doing derby??