Saturday, December 9, 2017

Update on the Kitten

Friday, as I was walking out of work, I got a call from the vet.  It appears the kitten was in kidney failure.  I had to make decision and decided to treat the kitten as she thinks the kidney failure might be because of the upper respiratory infection. 
So kitten is on fluid treatment.  That means he is going to get continual IV fluids and antibiotics for three days.  She called me and asked if it was okay to take him home with her to make sure the IV is working as some of the machines can be finicky.
She's going to check his kidney levels on Monday to see if he is okay.
Keep your fingers  crossed for a little kitten friend.
Tanner works at this vets office, so I think that is why she is taking super care of the kitten.  For Tanner.

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