Sunday, December 17, 2017

girl scouts: volunteering things....

On Saturday, we visited the Spay and Neuter Clinic of Kansas City. 
This clinic offers low cost vaccinations, microchips, flea medicines and spay/neuter surgeries for
pet owners that might not be able to afford them otherwise.
This makes me raise the question of why people are getting pets when they can't afford them and it makes me feel a bit judgmental. 
Anyway, I am happy to help the pets out as much as I can.
The girls took a tour of the facilities and then helped with a service project.
The girls lint rolled the blue towels that they use on the cats/dogs during surgery.
The girls made cones of shame and little cloth ties that go around their necks to protect them from the cones plastic edges.
We separated the glossies from the regular newspaper.
We also took syringes out of the packaging and tightened the caps down.
This allows the doctors to quickly administer vaccinations. They said they vaccinate up to 60 animals a day.

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