Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

I'm going to try this Wordless Wednesday out for the first time.
It's hard for me not to say anything though.
I want to give explanations.


  1. Nice :). I think I can figure out some general explanations, anyway. Except for that last one?

    1. We have AT&T internet and Uverse, it started slowing down significantly last Thursday and ended up going completely out on Saturday. When my neighbor got his internet fixed on Thursday, they somehow disconnected one of our broadband lines. It worked minimally until everyone was gone from the home on Saturday, then shut off completely. (Maybe because someone is always on it when we are at home?) They sent someone out on Monday and he determined we were disconnected at the junction box. He had to call in for a guy that climbs the pole to reconnect us. I saw him fixing it yesterday morning after I had picked Alli up from school. I would say this is strange, but it's happened twice to us. :)

  2. Morgan,

    I'm not a wordless kinda gal, either. That's why I started my not-so WW hop years ago but it's open to all photo-enthusiasts. :) Excellent Christmas light displays. I, especially like lights reflecting off the pond/lake - great capture! BTW, love the warning sign. You must live in a very cold climate. Thank you for stopping by my little establishment and joining my not-so #WW linky party. Have a very Merry Christmas & may God bless you in the coming new year!!