Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winter Wonderslam

Winter Wonderslam was on Saturday!
Last year, this tournament was the one that got interested in KCRW and WFTDA.
I love this ruleset.
I got there early to help set up.  We put up signs, got snacks and drinks ready for skaters/officials, set up tables and got everything ready for the day.
My team was the Carol-ers.
We lost both of our games.
The first game was super close.
We should have lost by more because our jammers were in the box...
all the time.
One time I had two jammer penalties in the same jam, but still managed to score more points than the other jammer.  I won the jam even though they had two power jams. Our defense was amazing.
The bruise is looking so much better!
I love my team!
Singh, Karma and myself.

My bout duty was social media. 
They gave me control of the snapchat, twitter and instagram account.
I don't know how to use SnapChat, but I do love the Insta-stories.
I also posted a little on Twitter.
It's a fun bout job and I don't mind it at all.

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