Friday, December 22, 2017

work christmas party

The office that I work in has four people in it.  If our manager is in the office (maybe 1-2 times a month), we have five.
One of my coworkers, LaTanya, planned three fun games for us to play and it definitely livened the spirit in the office.
First thing when we got in the office there was an email waiting for us.  She hid a bunch of reindeer all over!  We went around collecting the reindeer and the person with the highest point total won.
The game was pretty flipping adorable and I kept the instructions for it as this is something I can utilize for a fun activity in the classroom when I start teaching. :)
Somehow, we ended up being lucky and did not have clients in the office until almost 9 am.  This gave us time to have fun and play this game.
We had so much food for lunch!  Lots of sweet and savory items.  Jennifer made a pickle bacon cheeseball and it was amazeballs. I made the easiest thing in the world, Rice Crispy Treats! Ebony made five layer brownies and we all went to heaven.
Here is the thing about our parties, we all cannot party at the same time and usually have to eat the food by ourselves.  I had lunch at the same time as Ebony and Aeriel, so it was nice not to be in there by myself.
LaTanya set up two more games in the breakroom!
The stocking in the pictures was filled with items and we had to guess them.
This game was hard and it took a while to get them.
She had put a snowglobe, a card, a bow, playing cards and other small items like that.

The other game was "Name that Christmas Carol".  It had alternative names for popular Christmas Carols.  I ended up missing two of the twenty.
The two I missed were "Ancient Benevolent Despot" and "Hollowed Post Meridian".  Without using google, can you name those songs?

What does your workplace do for the holidays?
Does the company throw a party for you or are you responsible for doing it on your own?

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  1. Sounds like the four of you made the most of it!
    I'm working on those Christmas Carols, and so want to google.
    Merry Christmas, Morgan!