Friday, December 15, 2017


Happy Friday!
This week was much improved over the previous week!
My friend, Sue, and I went to one of those early movie previews.  It was for "Father Figures"
I enjoyed this movie.  Their favorite work was f*ck though, so once you got past that it was good.
Funny story, Sue and I got there a little early because we planned on eating dinner at the theater.
We went into the theater where was the movie was playing, put our coats on the seats and were standing there chatting when this women walked in "I'm not the police or anything but I don't think you are supposed to be out here.  People set up lawn chairs outside waiting to get in"
The door was open, there was no attendant at the door and they had told Sue they had it clean and ready to go.
We just said "Okay" and went about our business of getting dinner.
We got our food and came back and sat down.
Soon......everyone else came in as the attendant told them there was never a line.
The obnoxious lady (She said more than what I was quoting) sat a seat away from me.  I had my coat draped over the arm, so she sat her purse and her coat on top of mine and eventually her huge tub of popcorn.  lol.
So, when the movie comes out, go see it, it's not a kids movie though.
My neighbor is Clark Griswold.
Maggie says "Hey!"
Jager kitten found the comforter in the laundry basket.
The heat vent is also right above it and goes into the basket, so he found himself a warm place to sleep.
Works been busy, not as horrid as the previous week.
My boss was here this week, so I got to sit down and talk with her about things and we got some things resolved.  i.e. asking sick people to leave the office and people who have kids with shitty diapers and no means to change them.
I also talked to her about the way some clients are treating me and we came up with solutions.

How's your Friday?
What are you weekend plans?

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  1. "I'm not the police or anything..." HA!
    Glad you got some things resolved with your boss. Your workplace conditions sounded pretty awful last week!