Thursday, December 14, 2017

writer's workshop: gift giving guide

We are keeping Christmas simple this year and hopefully, every year from here on out.
My family is small.  I know I've mentioned that before.
The four adults (my mother, my sister, my brother in law and myself) all exchange names and we have a money limit on what we are buying that person.
I got my sister this year and she made it super easy on me.  She wanted a bunch of kitchen stuff from Avon. I ordered her an 8x10 print from Shutterfly and I am going to have it framed when I get it.
It's from when we were at the Olympics on Ruby Beach.  My son got a picture of her family in between the sea boulders and it was quite beautiful.  Then, she is getting a jacket from Forever 21.

I have a hard time thinking of actual object things that I want.
I don't have a lot of wants.

My Christmas List consisted of:
A Crockpot
Dishes from IKEA (since the kids are rough on mine)
LUSH Bath bombs and Soaps

Each of my children will get one gift from me.
I have Alli's figured out but I don't have the boys.

I rather spend my money on experiences for the kids.
There are two long weekends in February that I will find something to do for us.
I am planning a short trip in March.
We have our big trip at the beginning of June.
And I would like to do something before Tanner goes to basic on July 11th.

What does your gift guide look like?
Do you like things that you can actually hold or do you like experiences?


  1. I think take kids places and showing them the world is a big place with lots of things is of infinite value. My Father believed that and we were also going to places, camping, visiting prairie villages, riding steam trains, going to traveling to well know museums. It made my life and mind richer for it.

    1. I've never ridden a train and neither have the kids. That is an excellent idea for a trip. Maybe to Chicago? You really don't need a car to get around in Chicago, right?

  2. I dream of the day that I can start offering little family trips/experiences for Christmas instead of loading the tree with STUFF. I love how simply you keep it!

    1. I couldn't even get the boys to tell me what they wanted for Christmas! I finally got an idea of jeans and a gas card for my oldest son. The youngest told me he wanted time at the local game place. I don't even know what you call them, but you go there and play computer and video games with other people.