Wednesday, December 6, 2017

IWSG -- December

IWSG  -- December

I missed last month’s post.  I didn’t even realize I missed it until two weeks into the month.  I enjoy the posts and reading others posts.  I love the feedback and just commenting on others blogposts. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to make my life easier and better for the next year. 

One thing will be to cut expenses.  Do I really need all those channels on UVerse?  The answer is no, all I really need is the internet.  In January, I will pare down the Uverse bill to just the local channels and the internet.  This will start saving me $120 a month.   My family does not watch enough TV to justify spending that much for it.  Plus, we have Netflix and Amazon Prime.  If I need to, I can always get Hulu (still cheaper than UVerse) Most of the shows I watch are on the local channels anyway.

Make the most out of my Planet Fitness membership.  I go around 10 times a month, which equates to about $2 a visit.  I need to go more instead of doing other things.  Plus, I can bring my two oldest children with me.  They have been asking to go.

Figure out a plan to pay off my two credit cards and keep the balances low.  Not having to pay those each month would be a huge help.

Have a meal plan for each week.  That way the kids know what we are having for dinner and can even start cooking.  I love Hello Fresh and Home Chef and hope to utilize those once a month for dinners.  I also have a credit with Social Suppers that I need to go and use.   I used to go there quite a bit and prepare dinners.
Finishing school in January will also take a big load off of my shoulders.

What are you planning on doing to make your life easier in 2018?

IWSG December 6 question - As you look back on 2017, with all its successes/failures, if you could backtrack, what would you do differently?

I can’t think of anything I would really do differently.  I know I could be a little quicker at getting things posted.  With my personal life, there is something that I should have moved on from long before I did.  I knew the truth and I failed to accept it.  Accepting things and moving on would be something that I would do differently.

What about you?  What would you do differently?

As always, thank you for reading.  Drop a comment if you stop by so I can visit your blog.


  1. You have some great ways to cut expenses in your life, Morgan. My family are TV bugs. I don't watch TV, but they do, so cutting there would make them miserable and therefore make me miserable because they'd be in my hair more often.

    For me, I need to be brave and send out my short stories. I obsess too much. Even on blog posts! I need to let them go. To take my chances. It's always a no, if I never send something out. My children say I overthink everything. Yes I do. I just don't know how to stop it. Any suggestions?

    I love your blog set-up and holiday pictures. Good luck in 2018. Happy Holidays!

    1. My kids watch a lot of Netflix, they rarely watch all those channels I pay a chunk of change for. We definitely cannot cut the internet with the movie watching and gaming going on.

      I overthink also. I have to tell myself it will be okay, to just do things. What is the worse that can happen? It might not work out right or someone says no? That's just motivation to try again and try harder. I'm going to work on the overthinking part too. I hope you do send your stories into the world!

  2. The last few months of this year I cut expenses and it felt good! That's a good goal to have for 2018. :)

    1. I was actually watching TV when I thought of it. I realized that I only watch one TV show that is not on the local channels and not available on Netflix or Prime. Is it worth paying that much for one television show? My conclusion was no.