Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I'm still not caught up....

Do you ever feel like you are busier on the weekends then on the week days?  Or is it just all a blur?
Friday was the Kansas City Roller Warriors Rookie and Alumni Bouts.  Since I am the Operations Officer, I was in charge of that whole thing.  It went off really well.  We had a ton of people attend and made some money for the league.  After those games, we had our draft party.  We have three new team members: one brand new player, one free agent player and one returning legend.
It's gonna be a fun year!
Saturday and Sunday were Alli party things.
Monday, work was a little crazy, but when isn't it nowadays?!  After work, I worked on the league calendar.  For two hours!  Maybe more!  It's a lot of work and people want things done now!  Today, I am not doing any roller derby things other than attend practice.
Last night, I put shrimp and chicken in the instapot.  I added some fresh garlic and chicken bouillon.  It was so good.  Alli and Peyton ate it up.  I made roasted veggies to go with it.  It smelled so good! It was super easy too.
 I found this glass at Target and I love it.
It was in their dollar spot.  It was $5 for two! 
It's going to be my at home glass this fall.
 Peyton and Buster.  I was trying to get a picture of Buster look through Peyton's legs, but he jumped through his legs instead.  This is what I ended up with. :)
 Black Cat cuddle puddle!
I had a basket of blankets and this is what happens.
 Here's Freddie.  I decided to weigh him on Saturday, he is 11.6 pounds!
He's not a chunky cat though. 
 I found this candle at Marshalls and had to pick it up for the season!
 Tanner made it back from El Paso on Sunday.  He called me and wanted me to pick him up so he could go to his sisters birthday party.
 Peyton in his natural habitat.
Buster in Alli's bed. 
 The Birthday Girl in her Burrito blanket!
How's everyone else doing?  What fun is going on?

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