Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Nice, long weekend...

It was such a nice, long weekend. 
We started it by attending the Royals game.  They played the Orioles and lost big time.  It was so much fun though.  It was Buck Night and Firework Night!  Peyton consumed five hot dogs, two bags of peanuts, part of Alli and my nachos and a soda.  He was hungry.  I'm glad the hot dogs and peanuts were only a buck each.  The soda had free refills.  The nachos are my favorite thing at the stadium. 
Alex Gordon, the Royals left fielder, pitched the ninth inning.  That's how much they were losing by.  The fireworks were amazing!  That's where all the money went that night.  It was a long show and they were so glittery and fun.  Right before the fireworks, a guy proposed to his significant other on the field.  I think my daughter got a pic of it on snapchat or whatever that app is. :)  
Saturday, Peyton had baseball practice.  While he was at practice, I went to Target and Aldi's to stock up on groceries for the week. Both places had some really good buys!  Aldi's had mums for $2.99 each.  Wal-mart had them for $10 each, the same size, same colors.  I bought four at Aldi's, they will be a part of the porch décor.  Alli was housesitting for my mom that night.  I ended up making a pizza for Peyton and myself to eat for dinner.
Sunday, we went to my moms house for dinner.  My sister, BIL and one of my nieces also joined us. 
On Monday, the plan was to go to the apple orchard, but they had posted on Sunday that they were all picked out of ripe apples :(  We went to the Sunflower field instead.  It's not as big as previous years, the weather took a number on the poor sunflowers, but pretty nonetheless.
How was your weekend?  Did you take it easy or did you do all the things?
Alex Gordon Pitching
BBQ Brisket Achos!  So yummy!!!
Worth it to stay till the end.
Peyton getting his hot dogs and peanuts.
Peyton consuming his hot dogs before we even got to our seats.
I thought Peyton looked like Michael Phelps at the 2016 Rio Olympics.  I was laughing so hard.

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  1. That's hilarious that Alex Gordon pitches! We haven't been to the sunflower field in awhile. The timing never seems to work out!