Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy First Day of Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall everyone!
I walked outside this morning and it was sooo nice!  It was 57 degrees and foggy and you could hear all the creatures making their noises.
We had a pretty decent weekend!
I came home on Friday and this is what I saw when I looked up.  Buster, looking like a ghost!, in my daughters window.  It made me jump a little. :)
Friday night was football night.  They lost. Again.  They have yet to score this season :(
The football team is in a hard division.  
But on another note!  The soccer and volleyball teams are blowing everyone out of the water!
The kids both spent the night at friends. 
 Peyton mowed lawns the next morning before the down pour.  That kid makes a few dollars mowing lawns!
I picked up Alli and we went to a little Chinese Restaurant.  This was my fortune.  My daughter said "It's about time I get a boyfriend"  I laughed out loud! 
After we ate, we ventured to the Cider Hill Family Orchard!
We attempted to pick apples, but didn't find enough to actually take home with the purpose we had for them.  We did have fun walking around the trees and trying to find apples.
We got a dozen apple cider donuts and an apple cider slush.
We met up with my mom and saw "It, Chapter Two".  It was good.  Scary, but good. 
Isn't this house adorbs? 
Walking to the orchard! 
Trying to pick an apple! 
The apple trees! 
Picture of us two! 
I spy pumpkins! 
The doughnuts! 
Sunday morning, I had an early practice with the Sheilas.
We are playing in the Championship game on Saturday. 
After practice, I went home and cleaned up for Vixens Team Pictures.
Here are some fun ones we took.
I can't wait for these to come back.  We all looked so good! 

The Hocus Pocus outdoor movie was canceled because of the wet and soggy weekend.  They said they will be rescheduling it though.
How was your weekend?  What did you enjoy?


  1. I want to live in that house! (With someone else to clean it of course!) Cute photos.

    Janet’s Smiles