Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I have a little story to tell...

Geometry has never been my friend.  Geometry haunted me for two years in high school.  That's where this story comes from.  I told my daughter this.  She's in geometry this year and already struggling.  I let her know that she wasn't alone and that the struggle is real.

In 10th grade, I was in geometry class.  I shouldn't have been in geometry class.  Ms. Rodgers was my teacher.  She was a terrible math teacher.  I had her for Algebra I and I had to teach myself using the text book.
I was in the class for a few weeks and was not doing well.  I transferred out of the class into Intermediate Algebra, where I had the best teacher!  I passed it with an A. 
In 11th grade, I was in geometry class.  Ms. Rodgers was my teacher...again.  I struggled so hard.  I paid attention in class, I did all my homework, I did all my classwork, I still failed all my tests.  Ms. Rodgers gave horrible reports to my mother.  My mother decided if I didn't  get a C or better in Ms. Rodgers class that I would not be going on the church mission trip that summer.  Friends, I got a 69% in the class.  I got a D.  That was with everything turned in. 
I intercepted my grade card in the mail.  Back then, everything wasn't electronic.  It was a paper grade card.  I changed my grade. 
I went to the library.  I found a C on my sisters report card.  I copied that report card, cut out the C and put it over the D on my report card.  I frauded my report card.  I wanted to go on this trip.  I wasted a lot of dimes doing this.  I wanted to make sure it was the perfect fraud. 
It worked.  My mom was pleased with my grade of C and let me go on the trip.  I have to tell you though, all my other grades were As.  For real, all As and one D.  AND SHE WAS GOING TO KEEP ME HOME ALL SUMMER FOR THAT!?!?  All the other hard work didn't count!?
This is not typical behavior for me.  Back then and now.  I'm a rule follower and enforcer. 

But I really wanted to go on that trip, ya'll.  And it was the best trip ever.

I know my daughter can't change her grade, because everything is done electronically now.  I don't remember the last time I got a paper report card for my children.

Good news, I went on to Algebra 2, had a tough, but good teacher.  I passed with a B.


  1. I had trouble in all of my math classes! I took geometry in 10th grade and I can't believe my kids take it in 8th!

    1. I'm glad I never have to take a math class again!! The struggle was real.

  2. I won't tell anyone ;)
    I remember the days of paper report cards and teachers writing grades in pen. I bet a lot of "editing" went on!
    Sounds like Ms. Rodgers could've used a few workshops... or more.

    1. I didn't think of the idea all on my own. :) And we didn't really have the interwebs so much back then!