Friday, September 20, 2019 day ever...

Friends!  We’ve made it through another week!  What awesome things happened for you?  Anything you need to confess?  Any peeves make an appearance?

It’s been a slightly less busy week.
Monday night, we stayed at home.  I worked on the derby league calendar for the year.  For three hours.  My eyes crossed for looking at the same thing for so long.  I made a few errors on it, but I’ll go back and correct them this weekend. 

I did a Costco run.  Mainly because they had a jacket that I wanted and a three pack of the cereal Peyton likes.  The Count Chocula and the other two that go along with it.  Boo Berry?  I can’t remember. (But I just found a pic!)  They also had some pretzel with s’more toppings and I picked up some apple cider.  I picked up some Cascones pasta sauce.  They no longer carry it at Wal-mart, plus it’s the same price for two of them at Costco as it was for one of them at Wal-mart.  Sometimes, I just like wandering around Costco. 

Wednesday night, we had a team practice followed by Black and White Scrimmage.  I stayed for around two and a half hours, people started getting cray about then.  They ended up calling the scrimmage shortly afterwards.  I got kicked by one of my own teammates when he fell.  He left a decent wheel mark.  It hasn’t bruised yet, but sometimes that takes a few days.
 The week has been long!

 We were exhausted.

Peyton had a baseball double header on Thursday.  He hit a triple and had three people batted in.  Such a good job!

I was surprised when I received an email stating I had a FabFitFun box being shipped to me.  I had canceled that!  Or I thought I did.  Sigh.  I was charged $50 for the box.  I received notification of what is going to be the box and I can say, it’s a bummer.  It’s a lot of bath and lotion stuff. (I already have a ton)  They are sending me a cheese board set, which is okay.  I made sure to cancel it all the way through this time!! 
But, I did get a Walmart Beauty box with useful products!  It was $5 and it shipped within a couple of weeks.  I did research on other Beauty Boxes and Target has a men's one.  I am going to get those for the boys for Christmas.  It has all their "beauty" products they like to use.

My FitBit Versa that I have had less than a month went caput, but FitBit replaced it for free!  Thank goodness, I would have been a super sad panda if it was not been replaced.
I started planning our vacations out for next year!  I have the date sets for the summer road trip and for Disneyland! 
Road Trip will be through Kansas, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  I still want to do my ultimate Utah road trip that I have been researching for years. 

What do you have planned for this weekend?
Friday night is football!  Alli is cheerleading at the game.  After that, the kids are going to their dads house for the weekend.
Saturday, I think I’m going to clean out my closet, get a manicure and see a movie.  I will, most likely, go to Marshalls and IKEA to browse, since they are all in the same area.   I’m going to attempt to be productive!
Sunday, I have a team practice, team pictures with my other team and then I am taking the kids to a Hocus Pocus movie night at Grinders.  It’s a restaurant in an area called the Crossroads and I love it.  They are going to have the showing outside and food will be available. 
From the game last weekend.  I slipped by her on the inside line. :)

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  1. That's annoying about the FitFabFun box. I like Costco fun finds too.