Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday is Always My Favorite!

Happy Friday!!  It's my favorite day of the week!
The work week is ending and the weekend is just beginning!
What do you have planned?

Friday night football starts tonight!  My daughter is a cheerleader, so I go to all the home football games to watch her cheer (the away games are all almost an hour away) and a little football.  It is the home opener tonight and they are playing the only team they beat last year.  I have my shirt on and my stadium blanket ready to go for tonight!
Saturday, I am heading to Wichita to play in an all gender derby game.
My kids are heading to their last T-Bones Game on Saturday.  Super sad.  The minor league baseball team has been evicted from their stadium, which is a bummer, because they are so good.
Sunday is a team practice then Ren Fest adventures!

How'd your week go?  Anything exciting?!
It was a four day work week, so that's always nice. 
I had two practices this week; one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  We had a Travel Team meeting to figure out how we want to approach next year.  Peyton had baseball practices, Alli had practices and she cheered at the soccer game.  She went to one of her friends volleyball games.  Turner teams are turning up this year.  They won all the things.
I purchased postcards to send and my Ren Fest ticket for this weekend. 
I got a few seasonal items from Target.  I got my seasonal scented cleaners and other items from  We didn't eat out at all!!  Such a huge accomplishment. (and a money saver)  I also haven't been buying a Monster and breakfast each morning.  That has saved me $5 a day!  So in a months time, that is $100.  Looking at it that way, it definitely adds up to a lot of money wasted.
I am making a tomato tortellini soup tonight.  I'm sticking it in the crockpot before the game and it will be done by the time we get home.  I'll probably grab a hot dog and soda at the game to tide me over.  Alli is having an early dinner with the cheer squad at the school, then they bus them over to the stadium.
I worked in Platte City in the morning on Thursday.  Here is the view from the parking lot.  It's not horrible. 
Every time I purchase from, they write a little message on the box.
Below are the seasonal cleaners: Pumpkin Spice, Mums, Acorn Spice and Apple Cider. 
Picking up Alli from the soccer game.  It is still super humid and hazy round here. 
I brought Buster along with me.  He was super excited when he saw Alli. 
I got my second TheraBox.  I was highly disappointed in my first one, but I got another coupon and tried again.  This one is so much better.  It's all about sleep!
I've been having issues sleeping lately, so maybe this will help.  This box was definitely worth it! 
Here is Maggie, chilling on the washer.  She's been sleeping there lately.  I have a cat shaped rug on top of it to put all the detergents and such.  As you can see, she has moved all things around to suit her needs. :) 
And last, but not least, cat butts.  Fred is the far one and Kibben is the near one.  They love to drink water out of the bathroom sink and that's what they are going.  It looked so cute, I had to snap a pic. 


  1. LOL cat butts! I love it! There is something so Fall like about high school football! I enjoy catching a game here and there! And tomato tortellini soup sounds amazing! Thanks for linking up with us! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! The cats crack me up so hard! They are best buds!

  2. I just heard about the T-Bones, pretty sad! Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned, enjoy!

    1. They got their lease extended because they keep winning! I wish we could keep them around, the kids love going to their games!

  3. You had a busy and productive week. Sorry about your minor league baseball team. And yes, home cooking saves a LOT of money in the long run. Do the math!
    Does Buster get along well with your cats? He's outnumbered :D

    1. The old cat doesn't like him so much and he tries so hard to love on her. As long as he doesn't mess with their food and vice versa, they ignore each other for the most part (the black cats!). We've been doing so well with the home cooking. We've only eaten out once and then had pizza on Alli's birthday!