Monday, September 30, 2019

Last Weekend in September

Happy Monday!  It's the start of the work week.  October begins this week! September was awesome and I loved it.  There is a quote floating around Instagram that states there are no bad Mondays, that is just a state of mind.  I know I need to get past that state of mind.
Friday was Ps birthday!  He went out to Golden Corral with his dad and spent the night at his friends house.
Alli had cheer.  They ended up calling the game early due to the lightening.  They made it home by 7:30 pm.  The storm was bad.  I'm glad they called it for safety.
Here is a pic of the clouds before the storm.  The sky was v. dreamy.
Saturday night was the big Championship game.
Here is my before picture.
Here is the after picture!  We are back to back champs.
This has never been done in the league history! 
My team hosted the afterparty.  We had pizza.  It was delicious.
One of my teammates made a cake.  I didn't have any, but 
others thought it was wonderful. 
 Sunday, we celebrated Ps birthday with the family.
We had steak, corn, fries and bread.  That was his list.
He got an ice cream cake.  It was also wonderful and only a 
little piece was left at the end.  He got the trick candles
Now, both of my nieces are requesting those for their birthdays. 
Alli and her cousin, Violett, hanging out.
How was your weekend?

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