Thursday, June 2, 2016


This day was frustrating.  I try to keep most of my frustrations on the inside but I've been failing so bad lately.  It's really showing.

Work: They decided that my team could take on another project.  Yay.  I already have an extra thing that I do on top of what all my other team members do.  So yay, another project for me.

Peyton.  Peyton was frustrating me to no end.  We were late for his baseball game because he wanted to get his friend and he didn't even have his pants on when he got in the car and diddle daddled around so much that he missed the first half of the first inning even though we were at the park and his sister, her friend and his friend were already watching the game.
I might have yelled at him in front of people.  I might have mom failed.

When he did play, he did amazing.  He can hit the ball.  He can also steal home.

There are other parts of life that are frustrating.  I don't even want to get in to those.  All the frustration is worth it.

Some good news though, I ran into Alaina at the grocery store.  Paul's first round of chemo is over.  Now he is going to have surgery, than another four months of chemo.
I should know this because I talk to Paul all the time.  We don't talk about his cancer though.
Cancer sucks yo.

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