Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day 4: Fears

I have some ridiculous fears you all.  I'm okay with you laughing at them. I, even, laugh at them.

Swimming in Lakes, Rivers and Oceans where I can't see the bottom.  There could be fish that bite, plant matter that gets on your feet and sharks.  I'm not afraid of any of those things if I can see them.  It's the unknown that I can't stick my body in.  I shouldn't say can't because I did swim in the lake last summer with encouragement from a friend.  I did not go in the ocean at the Jersey Shore.  I did pick up jellyfish and freak people out with them though, as well as talk to seagulls and make videos about them.  See, I don't need to get in the yucky Atlantic Ocean.  I do swim on the beaches in Destin.  The water is beautiful and clear and I can see what's below me.  So beach vacations must be on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. (Mississippi coast was too disgustingly murky because of the barrier islands, on the other side of the barrier island, I got in the water)
I believe this fear stems from something that happened when my family used to visit the lake when I was in 3rd-6th grade.  One time I jumped off the dock and came in contact with Christmas trees.  Yes, Christmas Trees.  They are used as crappie beds.  It scared me.  I wasn't expecting it.  It was gross.  Then I thought of what was living in them.

Lake of the Ozarks

Falling out of things.  Like, I'm really going to fall out of this thing! But what if it falls?  I have the death grip on the handholds.  This is at the City Museum in St. Louis and it was terrifying.  I did it though, with encouragement.  I really wanted to go down the slide on the other side and this was the only way to get there.

Climbing up lighthouses and other things that don't feel completely safe and I could totally go over the handrails.  But I freaking do them!

Lighthouse in Pensacola

Ferris Wheels.  They frighten me so.  Another thing I could fall out of.  I will totally ride them if they are enclosed, but the ones that are just open and your feet are hanging out..nope.
Isn't the view pretty though, another Jersey Shore one.  There is also a ride at Worlds of Fun that I am absolutely terrified of and it's the only ride I will not go on.  It's called the Steelhawk and it plays the most amazing music.

So, my fears mostly revolve around falling and heights.  I am not afraid of heights.  I think I am afraid of being in an unsecured place up high.  I have no problems with airplanes, roller coasters and other rides that go up high. 

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