Sunday, June 26, 2016

We won!

It has been a journey to this first win. 
A hard fought journey.
Fountain City started the coed teams three years ago.
The league started out with two teams, the Public Enemies and the Untouchables.
I was drafted to the Public Enemies.
We lost every single game.
I left that team after the first season, not because we lost every single game.  I had
personal reasons for leaving.
The second season the league added a new team, The Usual Suspects.
I was on that team.
We lost every single game.
The Public Enemies won every single game.
The third season, we have added a fourth team into the rotation, the Outlaws.

Well guess what?!?
We won our first game EVER!
And it was against the Public Enemies.
Yep, that's a thing.

Photo Courtesy of KC Derby Digest
And that's me, in the center, looking at the ground.
Photo Courtesy of KC Derby Digest

Start the video around 16:15 to see the last two jams. 
Full game video is up on the FountainCity RollerDerby youtube channel.

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