Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 2: Ten Songs of Pandora (or whatever music thingy you use)


As I put this topic up, I am really hoping that Pandora wouldn’t embarrass me. 


First song --   Burn by Ellie Goulding

Second song - Welcome Home by Radical Face

Third Song – Life is a Gun by Jay Malinowski

Fourth Song – Blow by Ke$ha

Fifth Song – Ride by Lana Del Rey (a halfway appropriate when it comes to her)

Sixth Song – What the Water Gave Me by Florence and the Machine

Seventh Song – West Coast by Lana Del Rey

Eighth Song – Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless

Ninth Song – Figure 8 by Ellie Goulding  

Tenth Song – Monster by Meg Myers

Something my super dorky self is excited about...Meg Myers is coming to Boulevardia!  I have never been to that festival before, but now I want to.  Any one else planning on attending this?

What songs did your random song generator come up with?  Does it repeat artists as much as mine does?

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