Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 7: My topic was lame...

Yep.  Topic totally lame.  Why did I pick it?  Maybe to give others ideas?  I don't know. 

I woke up and thought I heard someone crying and calling my name.  Peanut was going nuts  I got up.  Didn't hear anything.  Looked out the window.  White stray cat was there.  My guess is that white stray cat was meowing and it sounded like crying when it was mixed in with dog barking.  Maybe this explains the other times I woke up and heard crying.  I have a few stray cats around.  They are fat too. I blame the dumpsters at Go Chicken Run.

It's employee appreciation week around here....

I cannot explain how stupid happy I was to get post-it notes and the pens.  I have a slight problem with post-it notes.  Some have experienced that first hand.  The pens.  Those are the only type I like to write with.  I really felt appreciated.

We have other things planned throughout the week.  They are what they are.

I think I have finally figured out what is going on with the Chemistry test.  I get too distracted by the distractor answers.  I am not fully completing the problem.  I find the answer that's in the multiple choice (AND THEY SAID MULTIPLE CHOICE WAS EASIER!!) and work the problem until I get that.  She said if I didn't know the section I kept failing, I would have failed everything else.  So...that's something...  Good news though, Biology is sailing right along.  If you haven't taken my survey yet, go here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y7FXQW8
I appreciate all the responses I've gotten so far.  I only needed 20 but I'm around 80 right now.  The power of social media.  I'll close it in a few days and post the results compared with national averages.  

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