Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 10: Comments Closed

I've come across some blogs that no longer allowed comments.  I don't understand it.  Then again, I don't understand a lot of things.  Why do you have a blog and you don't want to interact with people?  Isn't that what the whole blog thing is for?  Another form of social interaction?

I want people to comment.  Don't be afraid.  I won't bite.  I love comments and I try to give comment love as much as I can.  Link your current post in the comments, I would love to visit.


  1. There are topics that seem to invite vitriol instead of healthy debate, and the longer the conversations go on, the more heated they get. You don't have to look around very long on Youtube to find comments disabled for the same reason. People want to be able to post what they want and not constantly catch hell.

    Some bloggers have stalkers and people who post spam or dirty shit... I totally get disabling comments.

  2. Maybe moderating comments?

    One blog I read closed her comments because she got too anxious about them. She wanted people to comment than she was disappointed when not very many people did.

  3. Moderating comments is a good middle ground. Speaking as someone who occasionally has a target on his back, moderating is a good way to allow (and even encourage) interaction but still have control over what's actually posted.

  4. I used to have permissions set to moderate, because when I started there was a lot of spambots..